Hello! I'm not sure if this is a cause-effect relationship, but my orage which has been working has started to segfault following the last Online update.

My environment is opensuse 12.3-64 on i7-3770. Desktop is lxde, kernel is 3.7.10-1.16-desktop #1 SMP PREEMPT.

About two days ago I did an online update. Today I noticed my orage calendar was gone.

The orage version I have installed is: orage version 4.8.3.

From dmesg I'm getting this as the result of several attempts to invoke orange:

frank[5003] dmesg | grep orage
[   25.442891] orage[1161]: segfault at b000007d5 ip 00007ffd1be480fd sp 00007fff0e025760 error 4 in libical.so.0.48.0[7ffd1be0c000+55000]
[  330.569980] orage[1280]: segfault at b000007d7 ip 00007fcaca83b0fd sp 00007fffcc1b9260 error 4 in libical.so.0.48.0[7fcaca7ff000+55000]
[  353.264576] orage[1296]: segfault at b000007d5 ip 00007f75680410fd sp 00007fffc6787c30 error 4 in libical.so.0.48.0[7f7568005000+55000]
frank[5004] orage --version
I just did an online update on my 12.3-32 system on a P3. It's configured similarly. orage is still alive and kicking on it.

Am I the only one with this problem? Is this the right place to mention this behavior? Heboland.