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Thread: How to install Symfony2

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    Hello Everyone! I'm new to OpenSuse. I d'like to install Symfony2 (or any php framework: codeIgniter...) Could someone send me a link of a tutorial or a forum thread. I notice that Mariadb is install Do I have to install LAMP?

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    1. Using either YAST or zypper, install the LAMP pattern. Note that although LAMP installs a MySQL database, Symfony defaults to SQLite although it supports MySQL.

    2. Find and follow the Install instructions. For both Symfony and codeigniter, install documentation is available on their websites although it's standard to also include an INSTALL file with every download. Skimming the install docs for both, it looks like codeigniter is pretty standard, you just download, place in the website directory, do some configuration and finish the install by opening a web browser to localhost. Symfony looks like it requires downloading individual bundles of components.

    In any case, if you do as I described you should be on your way
    Symfony install
    Installing the Symfony CMF Standard Edition (master) - Symfony

    Codeigniter install
    Installation Instructions : CodeIgniter User Guide


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    Thank you very much Tsu2!

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