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Thread: orage segfaulting after 12.3-64 Online Update

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    Default orage segfaulting after 12.3-64 Online Update

    Hello! I'm not sure if this is a cause-effect relationship, but my orage which has been working has started to segfault following the last Online update.

    My environment is opensuse 12.3-64 on i7-3770. Desktop is lxde, kernel is 3.7.10-1.16-desktop #1 SMP PREEMPT.

    About two days ago I did an online update. Today I noticed my orage calendar was gone.

    The orage version I have installed is: orage version 4.8.3.

    From dmesg I'm getting this as the result of several attempts to invoke orange:

    frank[5003] dmesg | grep orage
    [   25.442891] orage[1161]: segfault at b000007d5 ip 00007ffd1be480fd sp 00007fff0e025760 error 4 in[7ffd1be0c000+55000]
    [  330.569980] orage[1280]: segfault at b000007d7 ip 00007fcaca83b0fd sp 00007fffcc1b9260 error 4 in[7fcaca7ff000+55000]
    [  353.264576] orage[1296]: segfault at b000007d5 ip 00007f75680410fd sp 00007fffc6787c30 error 4 in[7f7568005000+55000]
    frank[5004] orage --version
    I just did an online update on my 12.3-32 system on a P3. It's configured similarly. orage is still alive and kicking on it.

    Am I the only one with this problem? Is this the right place to mention this behavior? Heboland.

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    Default Re: orage segfaulting after 12.3-64 Online Update

    Replying back to myself in case someone else ends up in my situation, there wasn't a happy ending to this experience!

    A warning in case the Yast > Sw Manager is used for this approach. When Sw Manager searches for "orage" it also finds storage, etc.

    First I copied the original orage directory thinking I had my calendar data.

    So then down versioning orage made no difference. Next I uninstalled orage and reinstalled it. Still the segfaults. I uninstalled orage, then renamed the original orage directory. With another install, the orage app installed a virgin orage directory and worked, but the calendar data was gone.

    I copied all of the files in the original orage directory into the virgin one created by the virgin install, overwriting virgin files of the same name. Orage kept working, but no original calendar data. Finally I renamed the virgin orage directory and copied the original orage directory as orage. That brought back the segfaults.

    Replacing the orage directory with virgin orage again worked. Now I’m in the process of fat-finguring in my calendar data from memory!

    In the future, I think I'll capture the orage calendar data each time before I do an online update.

    Most likely online update had nothing to do with my calendar problem, but it provides a reminder to save the orage data. Heboland.

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