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Thread: k9copy issues - KDE 4.11?

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    Default k9copy issues - KDE 4.11?

    On both my desktop and Laptop 12.3/KDE4.11.1 systems, k9copy has stopped working.
    Might have been when I updated to 4.11, not sure.

    I have Version 2.3.8 installed from Packman.

    It no longer "sees" my DVD-RW drives (/dev/sr0 and /dev/sr1)
    K3b works fine

    Anyone else with this experience?
    Desk: i7-4790K Leap 15.1(x86_64)4.12.14-lp151.28.7-default KF5 59.0 Plasma 5.14.4 Qt 5.13.0
    Lap: HPDV7T i7 Leap 15.0(x86_64)4.12.14-lp151.28.7-default KF5 59.0 Plasma 5.14.4 Qt 5.13.0

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    Default Re: k9copy issues - KDE 4.11?

    AFAIK k9copy is not kde dependant - you should report the issue to Packman

    In the mean time, you could install handbrake or OGMRip
    Leap 15.1_KDE
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