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Thread: usb connection with ipad and kio_afc

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    Default usb connection with ipad and kio_afc

    on my laptop dell latitude e 6510 with opensuse 12.3 kernel 3.7.10-1-16-desktop and kde4.10.5
    reading here I installed ifuse and libmobiledevice.
    I connected via usb cable an ipad, available device shows me options, open with gwenview, digikam and dolphin, gwenview is the easiest, digikam works but I don't succeed to use it, dolphin doesn't works.
    reding around I found that probably I need kio_afc
    I searched in opensuse repository and search software but I don't succeed, no matching with kio_afc.
    is there any way to have it ready to install with yast????

    many thanks, ciao, pier :-)

    P.S. will try when I will have in my hand the ipad with ifuse /mountpoint

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    Default Re: usb connection with ipad and kio_afc

    I tried with ifuse /mountpoint, it works, , but with kio_afc could be better.....

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