Hello all,

I'm currently trying to install Google Chrome or Chromium on SLES 11 SP2 (which I think is close than OpenSUSE 11.2).

I tried to install the latest version (29.0.1547.76-223446) from http://dl.google.com (both 32bit than 64bit), but I face a dependency error ( xorg-x11-libX11 < 7.6_1 ) and I didn't find any up Contrib 11.2 repositories (I assumed I can find Chrome in Contrib)

If anyone would have a trick I would be really grateful :-)

(I tried many, many ways... but no one had succeed... like using old Fedora YUM repositories... Converting old DEB packages with alien... and some far worst things but all I did is losing my time... lot of time :'-( )

Best Regards,