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Thread: Pidegin account set up new user

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    Default Pidegin account set up new user

    hello ...having never used Pidgin before ( only email ) i thought give it a try but cannot get it to work ..can any one point me to where this basic set up can be found?

    I have read the pidgin manual for new account etc but cannot find the server name to use for a new account ..tried server, protocol xmpp .. email username and domain name , password etc combination of these in the dialogue box fields seems to enable the account to work ...

    Also tried to set up xmpp in Thunderbird 17.03 but this also not work

    I would like to use xmpp as it is open source

    any advice to give ..thanks

    OpenSuse 12.3 x64
    Thunderbird 17.03
    Mozilla Firefox 23.0


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    Default Re: Pidegin account set up new user

    To which services are you trying to connect? For example, Google Talk vs.
    your employer's Jabber server vs. something in your environment for
    testing? The administrator of that service should be able to tell you
    more details about the setup, but basically you put in the domain
    ( for Google Talk I believe) and then username/password and away
    it goes.

    Good luck.

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