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Thread: KDE desktop volume control

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    Default KDE desktop volume control

    Previously I had a single slider for setting the volume on 11.4. On 12.3 I have 3 others and the alsa control. Is there any way I can the earlier arrangement back with just a single volume control?

    This may have happened as I have on board analogue sound and hdmi sound on the graphics card. Hovering over the icon shows the % setting of the hdmi too. I don't use it.


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    Default Re: KDE desktop volume control

    Click the tool (bottom right of control) you can select which sliders show up

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    Default Re: KDE desktop volume control

    Had to select the on board analogue as master as well.

    Suppose I should have tried the spanner on the tool. Assumed it would be the same as the right click on the icon. That can be used to change master quickly if needed.


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