On Tue 27 Aug 2013 02:26:02 PM CDT, wolfi323 wrote:

hextejas;2581971 Wrote:
> rsync: write failed on
> "/var/run/media/hexdump/6CC2-7168/hexdump/.directory": No space left
> on device (28)

There seems to be some confusion here.
KDE (udisks2 actually) mounts disks to subdirectories in
/var/run/media/$USER/, so actually not /var/run/ is full but that
(external ?) disk where you are writing the backup to.
/var/run itself is not a separate partition, but a so-called "tmpfs", a
pseudo partition that is kept in RAM.

Or maybe you unmounted the external disk and rsync/LuckyBackup
continued to write to the tmpfs, which of course is not that big? (on my
system it's 1GB)

It may also be power related, hopefully the USB device is self powered,
if not then the USB port power may be degraded...

A dmesg check should show if it's dropping out, then reconnecting.

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