I am doing tri-booting on my laptop: Win 8, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu.

However after about 1 week of use of OpenSUSE and Ubuntu, today I notice that OpenSUSE has been using the /home partition I gave it to Ubuntu. While I have given OpenSUSE and Ubuntu two different partitions as home partition, but I don't remember when I did it wrong and the fact is that they have been sharing one /home partition. And I use the same user name too ! So I guess it is definitely messed up?!

Now I have corrected SUSE to use the other partition as /home partition. I don't know if I'd have tons of problems in the future. I have installed several programs after 1 week of use. If it's just that I have to reinstall them again, that's not a big deal. But is that all?

And what damage I may have caused to Ubuntu if you don't mind me asking here?

Thanks !