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Thread: Squid proxy is not being very effective

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    Default Squid proxy is not being very effective

    opensuse v12.3
    squid 3.2.11

    The workstations here (there are 6) are pointed to this proxy as a caching proxy for most outgoing protocols.

    From the squid <access.log> the number of lines for cache hits and misses:
    HIT: 126
    MISS: 5368
    total lines in log: 5740

    A 2.3% hit rate does not seem very effective.

    Is this typical? To be expected?

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    Default Re: Squid proxy is not being very effective

    I never looked to much at that but it would depend a lot on the type of the traffic and protocols and the websites your users are requesting content from...

    Maybe some settings are missing from your configuration? Squid-3.2: Pragma, Cache-Control, no-cache versus storage | The Squid Web Proxy/Cache Blog


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