Hello All,

OS: OpenSuSE 12.1 (i586) --- *Using KDE4 too

Ok, so awhile back I installed OpenSuSE 12.1 on an OS-Free "Zotac ZBox" PC (*i.e. No native OS installed when purchased). Not sure it matters but I thought I'd mention who made the PC...

So this PC is being used like a Kiosk which is displaying ONLY on a big LCD Flat-Screen TV. It's only video output is an HDMI port, so that's how it's currently connected to the TV.

The problem I'm having is that, no matter what I set the "Power Management" settings to, after about 10 mins the TV is showing "No Signal" because I'm assuming the PC is stopping the signal being sent to the TV due to Power Settings...

I've tried creating a new Power Profile and in it unchecking all the options that tell it to do stuff after x minutes.

For example, I've Un-checked all of the following Options:
- Dim Display
- Screen Energy Saving
- Suspend Session
- Button Events Handling

Then I've set that profile to be used inside the "Global Power Management Settings".

I'm not quite sure what I'm missing here, but does anyone have any idea what could be going on here? Is that Power Profiles thing actually used or could something else be controlling my Power settings? I was also reading the README doc for the pm-profiler but wasn't sure if that would change anything.

Any thoughts and/or suggestion would be greatly appreciated... My goal is to never have the monitor go blank and to never let the PC go to sleep (*unless specifically selected by a user to do so)...

Thanks in Advance,