I've installed samba PDC v3.6.12 on openSuSE 12.3.
The customer has some desktops under Windows XP PRO SP3 et some under Windows 7 PRO.
The linux box acts as a file server and the desktops have their homes on it.
The Windows connects thru the join domain interface that appears with CTRL+ALT+DEL.
This linux box replaces another one which was under SuSE 10.1.
To make the windows seven operate with the SuSE 10.1 I had to change 3 registry keys and all was good.
Since I've changed the linux box, the win 7 connect and work correcly but I just can't join the domain with the win XP PRO.
On the PC the join domain window appears we give login/pass - on linux side in the samba log we see that authentication is made, machine name is ok, login is ok, and .bat file is executed. I haven't any errors in warn nor in smb.log nor in nmb.log nor in log.ipdesktop or log.namedesktop. On windows side the windows desktop is displayed but is not the one the customer is used to and sand box is turning and turning and...
After a very long time we can open an explorer and we see the network drives and can explore it.
But we cannot work on it nor write on it nor launch programs that have datas on it.
The machine is very slow and sand box still turning and nothing else happens.
Could someone tell me
- how to troubleshoot this
- are there registry keys to change or something to add to .bat at logon
- are variables to add in smb.conf specific of v3.6.12
- is windows xp no more supported
- all other suggestions are welcome