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Thread: New SUSE user, kinda lost

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    Default New SUSE user, kinda lost

    Sorry in advance if this isn't the correct spot to post this thread, I couldn't find a "General Help" section. These forums are a little different than the Ubuntu forums.

    So I just installed openSUSE 12.3 on my Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Tablet. I read an article about Linux tablet support and openSUSE ranked second on the list (Ubuntu was first). I'm not new to Linux, I've been using Ubuntu variants for 2+ years. I am new to RPM based distributions, though. I have to say I like what I see so far (I went with KDE as my desktop), but a few things are throwing me off after using Ubuntu for so long. The first is package management. There seem to be several different ways to do it, either through YaST or Apper. What is the difference between them? Secondly, YaST is quite daunting to look at. I've heard a little bit about it before, and I know it's quite powerful, but it is a lot to take in. One thing mentioned in the article I read mentioned a "TabletPC Pattern" installation for openSUSE. During installation, I don't remember seeing that option. Did I miss something? The last thing that's bugging me is my Bluetooth doesn't want to turn off. The status LED on my laptop is always on and clicking on the Bluetooth tray icon doesn't turn it off.

    Any help is appreciated, and any tips are welcome.

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    Default Re: New SUSE user, kinda lost

    Here are a couple items to get you started. I am a long term casual openSUSE user with little Ubuntu experience, so can't make useful comparisons.

    I use YAST via the KDE GUI or YAST via the command line, which sometimes is necessary if I cannot get KDE up for some reason. With the continuing improvement in KDE releases, I have not used the cli YAST in a while.
    YAST Software Management is a GUI for zypper. You will frequently see gurus here provide zypper cli solutions for problems as they are self-documenting, if somewhat tough to decipher until you really learn zypper.
    Zypper and YAST coexist quite well.
    Apper has been problematic but continually improving over 12.1 - 12.2-12.3. Many folks turn off apper, as apper and zypper can conflict with one another and most feel zypper is more mature.
    That said, I believe someone will likely confirm that apper is the likely long-term evolution target.

    If you prefer reading to hacking, THIS link is informative as well

    As for your bluetooth issue - you might want to try the hardware sub forum.

    Suggestion - always good to report what kernel version and KDE version you are running. Many use their Signature to provide this info.
    You may also need to provide specifics on what chipsets you have when chasing specific features, such as bluetooth.

    Good Luck!
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    Default Re: New SUSE user, kinda lost

    Actually 3 ways (or more)

    Yast-Software Management is a graphical interface and is useful if you don't know exactly what package you want. The search is very helpful

    Apper is a KDE based updater that checks for updates periodically. In the past this app has not been up to par but 12.3 ver seems to work pretty well. Because of past problems many simply uninstall it and manually check for updates. People use zypper if they aren’t using apper mostly

    Zypper is the one you missed it is a command line package manager and is very powerful with lots of command line parameters. in a console type 'man zypper ' for all the details.

    In general you use Yast for most system wide configurations. A one stop shop

    In KDE Configure Desktop is for your personal setting and there is some overlap with some of the Yast system settings

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    Default Re: New SUSE user, kinda lost

    If you load YaSt>Software Management, the Pattern tab may not have been activated. Select the View tab and Patterns will appear as an option. Select this and the Patterns tab will appear. You can then scroll down the Patterns options to the tablet option which will add the necessary packages. Select Accept and they will be installed.

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    Default Re: New SUSE user, kinda lost

    Thanks guys. I haven't had this much fun with a distro since I discovered Xubuntu!

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