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Thread: How to keep system from getting slower over time

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    Default Re: How to keep system from getting slower over time

    The OP post is amusingly pretty much FUD because the perceived problems are all symptoms without understanding reasons behind any issues. In other words, no matter what the OS is, if you install all the available improvements and upgrades that are available and practice lean computing, it doesn't matter what OS you're running... It will be fast.

    In fact, because Windows does so many things automatically, for the technologically challenged there's a better chance of having a well performing system than using Linux although because of Linux' many ways to dig deeper and control/modify what happens, it's possible for the technologically savvy to possibly eek out a tad better performance.

    Without running down the long and often discussed list of "lean computing" and "proper computing practices" it should be noted that both Linux (openSUSE) and Windows will run very nicely if you keep your machine updated with all patches, upgrades and in the case of Windows Service Packs. openSUSE like many other (not all) Linux releases patches and updates as soon as they're available on a daily and weekly basis, you can get your improvements very quickly. If MS has any kind of criticism in this regard important, serious and critical patches are released only monthly, Service Packs which can greatly affect performance are only released every few years and full Windows versions now are 5 or more years apart. But then, you'd have to compare that kind of release cycle not with openSUSE but with others like Ubuntu LTE and CentOS.

    BTW - This is also one reason why I prefer "zypper up" over "zypper patch" despite the tiny additional risk something might break (which has happened only twice to me in the past 3 years and those were both related to use of Factory, one was accidentally leaving Factory enabled when it should be enabled only for specific installs and then disabled, and the other was a bug in the Factory version of the application).


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    Default Re: How to keep system from getting slower over time

    In my experience, there are two things that make Windows run slower over time.

    The first is that their file allocation scheme leads to lots of fragmented files
    and small holes in the file system, which is why you need to defrag their disks.
    Linux uses a much better algorithm and fragmentation is quilt low.

    The second reason for Windows getting slower over time is that lots of things
    get added to their startup lists and never get removed. These soak up both CPU
    time and RAM. Some of these come from incomplete cleanups of the registry and
    others come from malware inserting various programs into the startup. Linux is
    subject to incomplete removal of parts of programs, particularly if this is
    something from outside the openSUSE repos; however, it is much more difficult
    for malware to install anything on Linux.

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