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Thread: Open-Source Linux alternative for Photo 3D Album screensaver

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    Default Open-Source Linux alternative for Photo 3D Album screensaver

    Back in the Windows days, I had a nice little application I used to watch for relaxation. It's called Photo 3D Album, and it's a screensaver which places images from a folder inside a 3D room while playing music in the background. The viewer automatically roams around the rooms and looks at the photos, but it's possible to go into 1st person control as well and move around like in a FPS game. You can also create and install your own maps and environments, and configure your own map + pictures + music presets. Here's some images and videos showing exactly what it is and does:


    Photo! 3D ScreenSaver 2010-02-02 22-51-01-81.avi - YouTube

    Photo 3D Album.mp4 - YouTube

    I'm looking for a Linux alternative to this, that has the same or similar features. Not necessarily as a screen saver (I don't plan on using it as such) but just a program that lets you assign a photo folder to a 3D scene and automatically roam around to watch them. Not sure if Photo 3D screensaver would work via WINE, but I'd prefer something native and open-source if such exists. Any programs of this genre for Linux users?
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    Default Re: Open-Source Linux alternative for Photo 3D Album screensaver

    Not a direct answer, but your screensaver looks exactly what I used to build with Flatland

    Note the rover plugin only runs on IE.
    But, I see that someone seems to have adapted to the Medical profession running on Linux if it's using the same 3dml

    So, suggest looking for 3DML screensavers


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