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Thread: Hotkey to launch browser and webstite

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    Default Hotkey to launch browser and webstite

    Hi All,

    I'm new to linux and I would like to know if there's a way to press a single keystroke ('Scroll Lock" key) that will cause Firefox to lauch to a specific URL?

    I replaced the [currupted/infected] Windows 7 of my parent's Core2 duo computer with 64-bit openSUSE 12.3 (KDE) and my dad simply loves it!

    The issue is now with my mom that wants to watch her favourite web TV church station. At her age, it's difficult for her to show her how to navigate. With windows 7 I was using a software called LSmacro. I had configured it that when she pressed the "Scroll Lock" key, it was automatically launching Firefox pointing to the steaming webTV URL, for her to watch.

    Is there any way to make openSUSE to do this?

    PS. I don't want to make this church webTV URL the default address of firefox, as my dad is also using the computer. I want this URL to be launched only when the "Scroll Lock" hotkey is pressed.

    Thank you for any suggestions. Since I'm new to Linux, I'll appreciate step-by-step instructions.

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    Default Re: Hotkey to launch browser and webstite

    Hello DPapadopoulos and welcome to openSUSE.

    You can set your own hotkeys in KDE menue. I am not sure about the English terms as I have the German language setting.
    It should be called "system setting" or similar. It is not "YAST" and no root password is required. You will get a number of lines of several icons. The top line is "general appearance and behaviour" or similar. In that line there is one icon about hotkeys and gestures. You can try some settings, there is a number of examples of own hot keys, one is "meta" + E (meta being the "windows" key) starting the standard browser with the KDE homepage.
    I can't test "scoll-lock" which I don't have it (can't find it) on my laptop.

    Good luck, have a lot of fun.


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