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Thread: Optimizing Minecraft

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    Question Optimizing Minecraft

    I am relatively experienced with OpenSuSE, but I have never tried to play any games on it.
    On Windows, Minecraft runs at 60~70 FPS on Far, Fancy, Smooth Lighting, and Advanced OpenGL. But on OpenSuSE, I have to run Tiny, Max FPS, no Smooth Lighting, and Fast to get 20~25 FPS.
    Unfortunately there is nothing in the SuSE wiki or the Minecraft wiki about this, either.
    (Also, I've checked using Fedora. 80~100 FPS.)

    I have an Ivy Bridge i7-3770, nVIDIA GeForce GT 620, and 8 GB of RAM.

    Is there some kind of java trick/package that at least makes the FPS to 60?
    Would using the proprietary drivers instead of Nouveau make it any faster? (On Arch Linux, this helped a little.)

    There is another post about this. However, it focuses on starting minecraft, not optimizing it.

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    Proprietary driver are faster for 3d also have more special effects built in. If you play games the NVIDIA driver is a must.

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    Thanks, that boosted my FPS to 560~700, 2772 when looking in to the void!

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