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Thread: experimenteren met desktop enterprise 10.1 ?

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    Default experimenteren met desktop enterprise 10.1 ?

    Howdy, I am kinda new to using linux but very eager to learn " Running Linux" wich happens to be the title of the book I bought last week. A friend gave me a original Box with in it SUSE Linux 10.1 wich he bought at Novell some years ago but never used or registerd. I am planning to use it in an serious attempt training my self in using Linux en getting familiar with its features (for wich I have been using free distro's for some time now) because there is training material included and because I think that its always better to use a genuine Desktop-version than a open one. Dont know for sure if thats true but thats just a guess. Now I wonder if it shoudn't be a good idea to just install 10.1, register and see if I can get some kind of an upgrade to the curent version (11.3?) for a reasenable mount of money. The only thing is I dot know how to do that and if it's even nesesary because of (for now) it's experimental purpose were probably things wil go wrong. Can somebody help me out here. Some advice perhaps?

    ps:mijn excuses voor het niet gebruiken van NL op dit nederlandstalige forum.

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    Default Re: experimenteren met desktop enterprise 10.1 ?

    Ten eerste. dit is inderdaad het Nederlandstalige deel van het forum. Waarom je dan in het Engels post terwijl het Engelstalige deel er vlak naast is begrijp ik niet.

    Ten tweede, dit zijn de openSUSE forums. Het gaat hier dus niet over SUSE Linux Enterprise. Daarvoor moet je op zijn. Daar is de taal Engels, dus je boft.
    Henk van Velden

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