Scribus was downloaded a few days ago. I tried to install it with Yast, but got the following error messages:

Error while creating client module

Failed to search for provides
Error calling StartServiceByName for org. FreeDesktopPackageKit
GDBus. Error: Org. freedesktop.DBus. Error Timed Out
Activation of org.freedesktop.DBus.PackacgeKit timed out.

I had downloaded the SUSE Linux free download desktop trial a few months ago, but I couldn't get it up at all. I presently have openSUSE in use. The messages suggest to me that parts of the freedesktop kit are still there and lousing me up. How do I get rid of them without having to dump openSUSE as well? Or do these messages suggest something else to you?

openSUSE current version, homebuilt desktop, AMD 64