Worst on is what I usually call quick launch. eg The Dolphin icon. It disappears when I click on it so to open another instance I have to right click the main "it's open" icon and select start new instance. For my use it would be better if the quick launch icon was retained.

I use Opera a lot. That quick launch icon remains but Firefox's doesn't. As both of these are single instance applications both should disappear. I assume this is a desktop file setting but can't find anyway of selecting behaviour.

I have created a number of things in the desktop panel. Maybe this grows as more are added but I prefer them running down the left hand side of the screen building up in columns going to the right - ie normal desktop behaviour. 2 questions can the panel be made to work like this? How do I get the normal desktop behaviour back and migrate the items currently in the desktop panel to it? Much prefer the latter as I feel that KDE is trying to force people to work as they think they should. Fine but it wont fit in with some peoples use. The current defaults do not make best use of wide screen monitors either.

The clear all and show the desktop button seems to have gone - can it be got back? Also behaving correctly.