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    Hello I am using Opensuse 12.3 with KDE Desktop.

    I need some Backup software which is able to make daily backups of some directories, f.ex every time the PC is shutdowned. I also would like to make backups via FTP. Or is it possible to make this working with cronjobs?

    Any Tips?

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    I have been looking around for something to do this. I believe there is an inbuilt Linux utility but I'm very fond of finding gui alternatives. One is this one

    ukopp - kornelix

    On the same site is one which will back up to blue ray disks. Might be attractive when they get to 128gb. Not so sure at the moment.

    The person that supports these packages is often willing to briefly discuss improvements if they are sensible. My interest came about from looking at home built NAS's but concluding that a server allows the local ports to be used for backups even if they are only to usb discs etc.


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    There is plenty of backup softwares for Linux, the hardest is how to choose between them. Here is my two cents:

    If you like the command line, you could use tar , cpio, pax or dar. dar is very great for incremental backup and such, but is less "universal" than tar. You can find tar for every platform and tar is pre-installed on the majority of (if not all) Linux distributions. Add a cron/anacron entry, and here you go! I usually pipe my daily tar backups to a FTP server using ncftp.

    If you prefer graphical interface, as you are using a KDE you could give kbackup a try. I think it's KIO-aware, so you can virtually send your backup everywhere. As an openSUSE user, you also have YaST backup module.

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    Default Re: Best Backup Software

    rsync is handy as well

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    Default Re: Best Backup Software, super efficient backup software is a very good, fast backup and restore utility. You need to setup the config file and then set the cron job so it is a little learning curve but you never have to mess with it again after you have it set up.
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