I have just migrated from 11.4 to 12.3 and don't understand how to reduce photo size using the new version of GIMP.

Previously, with a jpg, all I needed to do was to open this in GIMP, hit save as, saying yes to replacing the original photo, and then using the slider to reduce the size of the photo.

It is this last part that is all I need GIMP for.

How, in the version of GIMP included in 12.3 can I do this: open the jpg and saving it as a much smaller version of the same photo? Where is the slider? When I attempt to do this using the previous method, I don't get a slider and the file extension of anything that is saved is different, too.

Functionality appears to have lessened, or is it me?

Many thanks for all your help.

If is helps, I am using a Gnome desktop.