So Bandcamp doesn't support the version of Google Chrome I had. Said I needed a new one. So I tried to get a new one. I got the Google Chrome Stable 32 or whatever it's called file and tried to install. It said it wouldn't do it because I already had it. So I went into Kpackagemanager or whatever it's called and deleted Google Chrome so I could reinstall it from this file, hoping that this would fix everythikng. Instead now I don't have Chrome at all because it gives me this error when I try to install. [PK_TMP_DIR|dir:///var/tmp/TmpDir.8VCdI4] Repository already exists. I had to copy that by hand because it wouldn't paste in because Firefox is a horrible browser. I'm having a nervous breakdown over here, please help me get Chrome back, I can't even make a new text post on Tumblr right now, Firefox won't let me.