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Thread: Advise on a PDF organizer/mannager

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    Hello guys.

    I would like you to give me some advise on a good PDF organizer/mannager. I know a good e-Book organizer, namely Calibre, but i'm also interested on a similar software to handle PDFs which are not books, such as scientific articles, bank receipts, etc.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Default Re: Advise on a PDF organizer/mannager

    I am using Calibre for that.

    Some scientific papers come with file names that are uninformative. Calibre uses the paper title, or you can edit the meta-data to change what it uses. I find it easier to keep track that way.
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    I use tellico for that. Maybe worth a look at.

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    For scientific papers, I personnaly use Zotero (a Firefox add-on) so I can save them as quickly as I discover them. With BibTeX export and LibreOffice Integration add-on, I have all I need to publish quality papers.

    For bank receipts, I use printer and good old physical folders .

    Tellico seems great!

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