Hi guys,
I struggle with this issue for a while now and can't seem to figure it out.

First, my office PC is made of an Athlon X2 240 CPU, 4GB DDR3, Leadtek 8600GT GPU, 1x160GB SATA2 HDD and 1x320GB ATA HDD, OpenSUSE x64 12.4 and Win7 x64.

On both OSes I experience this problem :

If I zoom in or out on any webpage that contains videos and\or images (like Youtube, 9Gag, news sites) etc, on ANY browser (Chrome, Firefox), the scrolling of the page becomes extremely sluggish. If I try to play a video zoomed in, its stuttering at low FPS.

I tried watching the CPU usage when viewing a page loaded with videos and it does not go above 40%, the RAM usage instead goes up to 1.5GB for Firefox but that is the maximul load I managed to get, still plenty of RAM left but the performance sucks.

What do you think ? Could the GPU play a role in this, I know the 8600GT is quite antique but I don't think it should have something to do with flash content or images on webpages.