Hi all,

I like to work with drag & drop very much, because I find that very practical.
Further I like to quickly start my favourite apps by just clicking their icons on the desktop.

Under openSUSE 12.1 (as well KDE4) this wasn't involved with any problems:

- go to Kickoff popup menu (click on chameleon in the lower left corner of the screen)

- enter search for e.g. KWrite

- right-click on the icon of KWrite that than appears a bit below

- in the then appearing context menu click 'add to desktop'

Almost finished.

A KWrite icon appears on the desktop, and under openSUSE 12.1 this one
can be moved around on the desktop and placed (almost) wherever I like it.

Now to get e.g. a KWrite icon as such on the desktop of KDE4 under openSUSE 12.3
still works the same way using the Kickoff menu and right-clicking.

But here (KDE4 of 12.3) the location of this icon on the desktop then is locked and I can't move it around in any way.

This isn't helpful.
How can I change this behaviour ?
I urgently seek a way to unlock / enable moving icons on the desktop running KDE4 of 12.3 !

Thank you for your help.