How To tell the Citrix Receiver to user dual monitors when running OpenSuse 12.3 and the KDE desktop.

1) Open a terminal session.
2) Go to su
3) change directory to /opt/Citrix/ICAClient
4) make a copy of the script by typing in cp wfica.sh_backup
5) begin editing the script using vi by typing in vi
6) use the arrow keys to go down to the bottom line of the file.
7) The bottom line should be $ICAROOT/wfica -file $1
8) Use vi to change the last line to $ICAROOT/wfica -span -file $1
9) Save the edited file

Helpful vi commands needed to do this task

Once vi is open with the file you wish to edit in it you are in command mode.
In order to edit the file you have to put yourself in append by typing in the letter “a”, or insert by typing the letter “i”. You can also begin editing a new line by typing the letter “o” but that should not be needed in this situation.

To get out of the edit mode you need to use the escape “Esc” key to put you back in command mode.

If you need to delete a character you can usually use the backspace or delete keys while in edit mode. If you are in command mode you can delete a character by pressing the “x” key while the cursor is on that character.

To save your changes you need to be in command mode and type in the colon character “:”. Remember that the colon is a shifted half colon so you will need to use the shift key to get into this mode.

Typing “:” puts your cursor down at the bottom of the vi screen where you can use some special characters. The characters you need will be “wq” which means write then quit. If you need to quit without saving because you had issues learning vi's quirky editing you can use the “q!” which means quit right now even if the file is not saved. If it all goes to HE double toothpicks you can always get your original file back by using cp wfica.sh_backup, which copies your backup back to what you had originally.

I had to use quotes around some characters and commands because my word processing program liked to make some characters upper case. Please do not include the quotes in the commands.