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Thx, not relevant to my setup but...

Last night "su root" all of a sudden started working on its own!
After 2 solid days banging against the problem (Yes, more than a day before I even posted)
Looks like its "self-fix" is holding after 10 hours banging away at it through a number of reboots and executing a number of tasks.

So, I guess it'll have to remain a mystery why the problem occurred in the first place and why it all of a sudden resolved itself despite all attempts to resolve including what I described in the original post, numerous reboots, booting to Recovery Mode, a couple Updates and maybe more I can't remember....

If I was to speculate, as I described something very specific to XFCE Terminal root authentication was corrupted but was somehow recovered. Although I was considering an app uninstallo/re-install, I never got around trying that.

Advice to others? Although it's not likely practical if you see this I'd recommend numerous reboots over days...

So, Thx all,
It is a good tip, self healing 'su'