I was originally using Gnome until Gnome3 was released and have now moved over to XFCE.I have several PCs which I am running for users that I have locked down. With Gnome I was able to do so with the gconf-editor. Now that I am using XFCE it is like an entirely different world. So far, I believe I have everything to my liking but I cannot figure out how to "lock down" the panel. Currently, I have the panel the way I want it and want to remove the right-click and ability to move the launchers. I've read where there was a "kiosk" mode which was removed in the later versions or something like that. I figure it shouldn't be that difficult but everything I have found reference modifying certain .xml files but when I change them my current look gets changed. Is there a simple way to remove the right-click on the panel to prevent anyone from modifying? Or does someone have a good doc I can reference to create a web-based XFCE instance? Just need Firefox to browse pages and print with the inability for users to change. Thanks. Wish there was a way to get Gnome 2 back but XFCE does look nice just need some help figuring out where stuff is at.