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Thread: KDE Minimize Effect w/ Dual Monitor

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    Default KDE Minimize Effect w/ Dual Monitor

    I am running KDE 4.10.4 on openSUSE 12.3. My hardware is an i7-2600k and Geforce 660 Ti with the 319.23 driver from the Nvidia website. I have two monitors, one is a Dell 1920x1200 and the other is an Acer 1920x1080 running in Twinview with the Dell being the primary and the Acer set to be right of the Dell.

    In single monitor mode everything is very smooth. However, when I run dual monitors my window minimizing becomes intermittently laggy. I would think my hardware is more than enough to adequately drive two displays without things getting laggy. Is there something I need to tweak to get things smooth dual monitor mode?

    Also, when I play a video in VLC fullscreen on the Acer monitor I lose the ability to click the taskbar in the panel(located on the Dell screen) to minimize windows. Once I close the video I can click the windows and minimize them normally. Is this a bug in KDE? Thanks.

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    Default Re: KDE Minimize Effect w/ Dual Monitor

    My dual display setup is 12.3/KDE 4.10.4 with AMD graphics and fglrx.
    I can provide some comparative info, but not much on tweaks.

    My displays are the same resolution, 1680x1050, running as a 3360x1050 desktop, although each monitor has it's own wallpaper
    I do not see the "laggyness" you report - perhaps the different resolutions are your cause?

    In my setup, I actually have taskbars set up on each display.
    I do experience not being able to access the taskbar on a display when operating in full view video (VLC or Firefox), but the taskbar on the other display is still operational.
    Bug? I have never looked for "how it is supposed to work", try adding the second task bar to see if that gets you the control you need.
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