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Thread: PCMANFM theme issue

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    Default PCMANFM theme issue

    I am using OpenSuse 12.3 on my zbox with LXDE desktop. I am happy with that, but I have very annoying issue with file manager - pcmanfm.
    Whenever I take any other theme than ADWAITA, I see black text on black background when I select ICON (in icon view) in pcmanfm.
    This is exactly the same issue like described here:
    ...but this is for RedHat. I have OpenSuse.

    Is there any chance that this will be solved on OpenSuse 12.3 ?
    Does anybody has the same issue ?

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    Unhappy Re: PCMANFM theme issue

    I've got exactly the same problem. I'm running LXDE w. openSuse 12.3 on a Toshiba NB200 laptop. This is SO annoying!

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    Smile Re: PCMANFM theme issue

    Sounds to me that one of you needs to file a bug report and the other add a comment saying you have the same problem. Search first to see if it already exists, of course, but anyone here can file such a bug report:, just log-in with your forum user name and password and you are in.

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    Default Re: PCMANFM theme issue

    Hello list, jdmcdaniel3. pdallas, rafdre! I've had this problem since 12.2-64!

    I don't see ADWAITA available in my theme list. I have an active post on the lxde forum regarding this lxde pcmanfm behavior. Most other distros don't seem to have this issue. Forum • View topic - File Manager icon view single click obscures folder name

    If a bug report hasn't been filed yet, I have time to take that on, but has the OP already done that?

    For me any theme that works it OK. Where did ADWAITA come from?

    I added the lxde build repro, but I don't see extra lxde themes there. Maybe it's there, but I don't recognize it.

    I'm going to attempt to post a link to this thread back to the lxde forum. Hope that doesn't get me in trouble!

    OP, let me know if you want me to take on the bug report! Heboland.

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    Default Re: PCMANFM theme issue

    Hello again list, OP, responders! I didn't find a bug report for the behavior described in this thread, so I reported it myself.

    821878 Min P5 openSUSE 12.3 andrea NEW LXDE File Manager PCMANFM Select Highlight matches text color obscuring file name. FM uses GTK3
    One bug found. ][/HTML]

    For the record I did find Adwaita. It is a widget rather than a theme. Selecting this widget does provide white text in the black highlight. Adwaita is an adequate fix for me.

    One complication with this bug report is that my email address on record is no longer valid. I wasn't successful trying to change that personal information, so I'm not on the distribution list for this bug!

    Any suggestions for updating my email address for this site? Heboland.

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