I have been struggling to get anyting installed.

When running Install software I get the following message

PackageKit is blocking software management.
This happens when the updater aaplet ir another software management application is running

Ask Package kit to quit?

If you choose yes the same message appears again and aigain and again, ie PackageKit never stops

When you choose no

Accesing the SOftware management failed

System management is locked by the application with pid 2474 (or whatever) (/usr/lib/packagekitd). 
Close this application before trying again
Would you like to abort or try again?
Trying again gets you nowhere
If you try to stop the pid with top in a Terminal it says that it is an invalid id

I have via System ==> Configuration ==> Software management

got to Apper

I clicked on the wrench and chose
Check for distribution upgrades NEVER
Check for updtes NEVER
I have rebooted but still get the same issue!

What do I do now?

Thanks in advance!