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Thread: Minecraft 1.5.2 with .jar mods including fix for black screen

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    Smile Minecraft 1.5.2 with .jar mods including fix for black screen

    Hi all,

    Recently had black screen issues using minecraft 1.5.2 with a legitimate Mojang account on OpenSuSE 12.3 amd64 with mods, and fixed it like this.

    Observation Notes:
    • Read all instructions first ... then do, only if you are comfortable.
    • This how to assumes basic Linux administration/command line skills.
    • /home/{user} means your standard users directory, not root's.
    • This how to assumes ark is available in your OpenSuSE instance, to open the jar files #(.jar == Java Archive).
    • My system is 64 bit, so I can run larger memory values when executing java (64 bit java is required to use 'far' render settings in the game). A 64 bit system can use 32 bit java but not the other way arround check your system architecture and java version.
    • Adjust java memory settings at execution to suit your own systems needs, Google it if required.
    • You need super user rights to install Java.
    • Do not Confuse the two minecraft.jar files you will work with, one "minecraft.jar" from contains the executable code, the other *identically* named file is generated by the executable in user land as .minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar, contains game files and is the target for .jar type mod alterations.
    • If your not using Rei's minimap and Optifine mods, ignore steps 8 - 12.
    • If you want to add the mods, check which Rei's minimap and Optifine versions you will need, there are many for different Minecraft versions. Find out which ones you need *before* doing this, search "" for more details on both.

    * no warranty expressed, implied or offered, proceed at your own risk. *

    This is the overview of what I did, and it worked for me:
    If you have an existing (working) Minecraft instance, make a backup of the existing .minecraft folder and the executable minecraft.jar. In a terminal as {user}, I did this:

    • cp -r /home/{usr}/.minecraft /home/{usr}/old.minecraft
    • mv /home/{usr}/minecraft.jar /home/{usr}/old.minecraft.jar # may or may not be here, but will be afterwards ..

    With backups made I could then proceed to break stuff ...

    1. As super user, install latest Java rpm from Sun "", I chose the Linux rpm file, and it offered to use the install software system tool from Firefox. Mojang recommends Suns java.
    2. Download latest version of lwjgl (light weight java graphics library) as a .zip archive from ""
    3. Download a new EXECUTABLE minecraft.jar from Mojang at "" then copy/move it to /home/{usr}/minecraft.jar"
    4. In a terminal as {user}, run the EXECUTABLE using: "/usr/bin/java -Xms512M -Xmx1G -cp /home/{usr}/minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame"
    5. Minecraft should then launch, login using your minecraft account and force an update from, mine asked, when it comes up, you try to play, it will likely "black screen". For most occurrences black screen means new lwjgl components are needed for the updated version of minecraft.
    6. Unzip the downloaded lwjgl folder you downloaded, note it's location.
    7. Using a file manager, overwrite all the existing lwjgl files found in /home/{user}/.minecraft/bin and /home/{user}/.minecraft/bin/natives folders, replacing them with their newer namesakes, found inside the lwjgl zip contents at the location youn noted, be sure to use the Linux ones, other platforms are included in the .zip!
    8. Download and unzip Rei's minimap and optifine if wanted, use Google to find out about them, note where you extracted them.
    9. Use ark application to open the newly created GAMEFILES jarfile as found in /home/{usr}/.minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar
    10. Within ark, use "delete" to remove the METAINF folder found inside the /home/{usr}/.minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar archive.
    11. Use "add" function in ark to insert all the extracted contents (files and folders..) from Rei's minimap and Optifine .zip files, into the opened /home/{usr}/.minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar archive.
    12. When all desired .jar additions are complete, just close the file you have open in ark, do not need to save it as such.
    13. From inside a terminal window, as {user} execute "/usr/bin/java -Xms512M -Xmx1G -cp /home/{user}/minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame" and look for errors.
    14. If happy with the results, make a launcher on your desktop with the above quoted command using memory settings suitable for your machine, and off you go.

    Don't forget to archive or remove the "old.minecraft" files and folders when happy, repeat as Minecraft updates occur, but check Rei's and Optifine reference that they have caught up with the new Minecraft, version wise first, if you use these mods. If it breaks, Google the error messages, check downloaded package sums and versions in use. If all else fails, restore your old.minecraft files/folders to their original names and keep playing while searching for a better solution.

    On the whole, this is essentially a distillation of many different googled solutions, each a credit to their own authors .. improvements and insights welcomed.

    have a lot of fun....


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    Nice post, I actually solved my problem when I read the part about the differences in the two minecraft.jar's.
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    Default Re: Minecraft 1.5.2 with .jar mods including fix for black screen


    Thanks, I'm glad it's helped someone, sometimes a fix needs context to stand out, that's why this is a little long winded .

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