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Thread: firefox and email

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    Default firefox and email

    I'm using KDE 4.10.2 on 12.3 (64-bit).

    I accidentally clicked on an email "mailto" tag while running "firefox". And, to my surprise, it brought up kmail.

    I am surprised, because I have configured claws-mail as the default email agent in KDE. As a cross-check, I clicked on the same link in "rekonq". And that brought up "claws-mail".

    Okay, checking firefox preferences (the "Applications" tab), it does say that for "mailto" it will use kmail (default).

    I'm surprised that is the default. I seem to recall earlier versions of firefox bringing up claws-mail, though I don't remember how long ago this is.

    I suspect this should be considered a bug, though I'm not sure if it is an opensuse bug or a mozilla bug.

    And yes, I know I can change the firefox preference for this.

    I'm mostly looking for feedback on whether this warrants reporting as a bug.
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    Default Re: firefox and email

    I know FF "listened" to the defaults set in KDE's Systemsettings ( from when I used Opera as my main mailclient, and FF as my main browser ). But, googling a bit now, most results indicate it should be set in FF itself.
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    Default Re: firefox and email

    Firefox behaves as expected if you "set" default "mailto" on GNOME
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