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Thread: Libre Office 4.0 upgrade

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    Default Libre Office 4.0 upgrade

    I am trying to upgrade the Libre Office 3.6 version to the new 4.0 version, and I downloaded the .rpm for it but when I try and run it I get the following error

    "nothing provides needed by libreoffice-"

    and it won't let me upgrade? Is there a special way I need to upgrade my current Libre Office or how can I repair the error....thanks in advance for any assistance

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    Default Re: Libre Office 4.0 upgrade

    12.3 only has libicu49 you need to find the libicu50 package and install that.

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    Default Re: Libre Office 4.0 upgrade

    Quote Originally Posted by nitewalker41 View Post
    I downloaded the .rpm
    you might be better off adding this repo and try installing from here.

    Index of /repositories/LibreOffice:/Stable/openSUSE_12.3

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    Default Re: Libre Office 4.0 upgrade

    GNOME Version 3.20.2
    openSUSE Leap 42.3 64-bit

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    Default Re: Libre Office 4.0 upgrade

    that's odd - LO Version (libreoffice4.0-
    (Build ID: 4c82dcdd6efcd48b1d8bba66bfe1989deee49c3)
    installed via LibreOffice_4.0.2_Linux_x86-64_rpm.tar.gz is happy running with


    so what's changed?

    check the install version of the .rpm file

    Kernel: 3.9.0-1-desktop x86_64 (64 bit)
    KDE 4.10.2 Distro: openSUSE 12.3 (x86_64)

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    Default Re: Libre Office 4.0 upgrade

    Not sure what I did or didn't do, but problem seems to be resolved, I went into YAST and updated some files to new libre 4.0 and all seems to work fine now.......terrible to be a newbie and not know what to do.......thanks to everyone for your assistance.......problem solved I would have to say

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