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Thread: May 2013 Screenshots

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    Default May 2013 Screenshots

    I have a new system and a new monitor

    Uploaded with

    the resolution is 1336x768 - 18.5" monitor, wallpaper came in bundled disc

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    Default Re: May 2013 Screenshots

    Tumbleweed with xfce 4.10
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    Default Re: May 2013 Screenshots

    12.3 virtual machine:

    My host laptop (also 12.3) with icewm:

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    Default Re: May 2013 Screenshots

    Plain and simple KDE with activity-switcher panel auto-hidden at the top edge of the screen.

    If the image does not show up, you can see it here.
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    Default Re: May 2013 Screenshots

    Also a simple screen, with generator from 1911 in Horsens Museum

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    Default Re: May 2013 Screenshots

    Nothing really knew with my desktop, still enjoying 12.3 and KDE

    Dont be afraid to use thumbnails btw

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    Default Re: May 2013 Screenshots

    openSUSE 12.3 64bit XFCE on a HP laptop with AMD four core.

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    Default Re: May 2013 Screenshots

    GNOME Version 3.20.2
    openSUSE Leap 42.3 64-bit

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