openSUSE 12.3
transmission gtk 2.77

Seemed to save settings <once>, then the next time restarted, no settings seem to be saved at all.

As I'm troubleshooting this, I'm finding the available information about this app either lacking or inconsistent with what I'm seeing.

Have some questions for anyone who has been using transmission (and possibly transmission-gtlk).

1. Using the gtk, when you change download target destinations, do you see a grey background when browsing locations? Don't know if this is significant, it's certainly not blocking me from browsing.

2. Are you able to set a download location? I found that there is no "save" button to confirm new settings, and when I re-open the "Preferences" item, I find that the download location is set to "none" (and of course that seems to mean that the downloaded file is deleted).

3. Have you tried editing the config files directly? When I inspect the supposed gtk config file at ~/.config/transmission/settings.json, none of the default file settings seem to be what they should be, they all point to /root/download. If I change values, they don't have any effect. According to what I've read, this is supposed to be the gtk config file, not the transmission-d file. Maybe openSUSE is setting the config file to a non-default location? - But I don't see a command to find the new location, only set a new location.

4. Are you running transmission from the command line instead of gtk? I don't seem to find a command or configuraiton for manual launch, am wondering if the daemon configuration is supposed to be the manual CLI launch as well.