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Thread: Wxcam: No sound when capturing a video

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    Default Wxcam: No sound when capturing a video

    My recordings made using wxcam have no audio. I am able to get sound using Cheese, but Cheese has other problems that seem to make it unusable for me.

    In Wxcam, pressing the "Info" button near the top of the screen and choosing the "Webcam" option gives an info box entitled "Webcam capabilities" and displaying:
    Driver: uvcvideo
    Card: HP HD Webcam [Fixed]
    Audio: No

    How can I get audio working with wxcam?
    wxcam 1.1
    wxcam 1.1-1.84, the latest from the opensuse repository
    openSUSE 12.1 Version: 12.1.12 (2012-04-13)

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    Default Re: Wxcam: No sound when capturing a video

    I do not nominally use wxcam, but after reading your post I installed wxcam on my openSUSE-12.3 install. (I do not have a 12.1 install to test on).

    I launched the wxcam application, and recorded a video with audio. I played it back and it worked and there was audio.

    I note the audio record level was a bit low. I noted that during recording (as the 'pavucontrol' levels indicated a low audio record level) and I also noted that during the playback. But there was audio.

    Note I use pulse audio, and also I have a number of v4l and v4l2 applications/libraries installed, which I believe wxcam uses.

    I note for wxcam support you can join the wxcam mailing list and obtain good support there, with guidance here on how to do that :

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