I have started to use utility rsync to do incremental backups of my personal user data directory tree, as follows:

pe1800@linux-gkd7:~> ..
pe1800@linux-gkd7:/home> rsync --archive --exclude=.* --delete --backup pe1800 /media/Lexar

It works well:

only files which have been changed or new files are sent to the destination.
--delete sees to it that files no longer part of the source are deleted from the destination.
--backup retains at the destination previous versions of files which are being changed or deleted by attaching a ~ suffix

But I have noticed that the versions of files which change frequently are all retained with suffixes ~, ~~, ~~ and so on. That is a bit too much of a good thing, one level, ~ is enough. Does anyone know how to limit the numberl of previous versions? I have looked through the many options but do not see it or, perhaps, do not understand it.

I will appreciate your advice. Thank you.