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Thread: Application to monitor / upp processor speed

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    Current spec - Opensuse 12.3 KDE 64 bit, Nvidia 570 - NVIDIA beta 319 driver, I7 2600k.

    I'm having a weird issue while trying to play SC 2 throu wine. No matter what graphics i choose, from low to ultra, i'm stuck on 30 fps, and even 15 fps during intensive fights. Searching throu wine forums i came across WineHQ Bugzilla – Bug 24558 – Starcraft II - CPU freq. not running at max performance, which bassically tells me that SC2+wine puts my CPU on idle and it won't turn up the speed again. On other forums, i found that ppl with the same problem use "cpufreq-selector -g performance" to solve this issue. In order to identify if i have the same problem i need a real time cpu Mhz "watcher" and a program to manually upp it. I couldn't find cpufreq in default repositories, also all the help i search on this program is mostly for ubuntu, redhat or other distroes. On the other hand, on, the program is last updated in 2010, and if i'm correct sandy bridge cpu's were not out at that time, so there is no way i'm gonna let that program play with my cpu. Any1 knows any alternatives ? Preferably that are allready compiled and tested for opensuse ? I'm kinda reluctant to be the first one to test is an expencive cpu afterall

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    To check the cpu frequency every 2 seconds
    create a file cpufrequency inside ~/bin
    dump this inside that file
    while true
        /bin/sh -c 'cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep MHz';
        sleep 2;
    Then make it runnable
    chmod +x ~/bin/cpufrequency
    Finally, check frequency when running the game whether you are getting higher frequencies
    If it is not scaling then do this
    GNOME Version 3.20.2
    openSUSE Leap 42.3 64-bit

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