[In all cases, in this post, 64bit Intel]

I have booted the SUSE 12.3 LIVE Gnome install, and it works fine. But it is not setup to do an upgrade install.

So, I pulled down the SUSE 12.3 Network install and it boots and then goes and boots the hard drive. Why? Because it fails to recognize the USB keyboard or mouse so I can not select anything -- and the default is boot from hard drive.

The Live Gnome install recognizes the USB keyboard and allows me to specify what I need to do (e.g., check the installation media/material).

The BIOS recognizes the keyboard as it allows me to get into it. I have tried a second keyboard made by a different company (logitech vs. ??? for the other -- and I can't remember the name of the company). Same results.

I was so hoping to upgrade from 11.4, since the RAID support side of the installs have been broken, or 12.x for some other reason won't work for me. I was hoping that 12.3 would finally be usable so I can upgrade.

Now before we get into "did you..." sillyness, yes, I used downthemall, and it checks the MD5 checksum as it runs. And it gave me the "green light" that it matched. But, unless you can direct the "loader" to do the check installation media, you can't verify this very well.

So it seems that the network DVD loader is somehow missing USB drivers.

Now, if needed, I could possibly run VMware instance with a minimal machine to test this. But given other posts that I've seen relative to 12.3, I have the distinct impression that there is a USB problem with the installer. Especially because the usb keyboard works with the BIOS so you can do the <del> and get the BIOS setup panel(s) and work with them.
Anyone have any ideas as to where to go from here? Will the Network DVD Install get rebuilt to solve this issue?

[Of course, I'm in the middle of moving from TX to IN in the USofA, which is >800 mile move, so my mobo doc is NOT where I can get to it. But it is a Gigabyte with 8MB RAM and a dual core AMD 64 x2 Athlon 4200+]