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Thread: Kopete in openSUSE 12.3 lacks OTR?

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    Default Kopete in openSUSE 12.3 lacks OTR?

    Hello All,

    I know this was just released yesterday, and I could not find anything about the issue I am having on Google, but I seem to have lost OTR with Kopete since updating to 12.3. It was included in the package on 12.2. Was this a mistake on openSUSE's part, or has OTR been dropped from Kopete?

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    Default Re: Kopete in openSUSE 12.3 lacks OTR?

    It looks like I've found the answer in the RPM's changelog:

    * Sat Oct 06 2012
    - Disable the OTR plugin for openSUSE Factory atm due to
    incompatibility with the newer libotr version

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    Default Re: Kopete in openSUSE 12.3 lacks OTR?

    Hi dralanmage,

    Did you ever find away to get the OTR plugin installed with kopete in OpenSUSE 12.3? I need that too or I guess that I will need to switch back to pidgin.

    Please let me know if you have found a solution.


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