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Thread: A few newbie questions (samba, codecs, wine)

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    Question A few newbie questions (samba, codecs, wine)

    Hello everyone,

    I've been using openSUSE 12.3 for some weeks now and I have to admit..I'm loving it. I started using openSUSE (Linux in general) in school and I'm trying to get away from Windows and transfer everything to Linux but I'm still having some trouble. These are some things I'm struggling with: (I'll wrap this up in one post so I don't have to make too many)

    1. I'm setting up a Samba server and up to this moment I can share several folders and I can secure them with the smbpasswd users. Now I've read stuff about automatic logon scripts on the Windows client. But, how does this work? Do they automatically login with the Windows user or do I still have to make users on the server? Also, does anyone know a good link on how to configure the scripts? It's also a part of my school project but I want to use it at home too so. I've googled alot but most of the tutorials I find are on Ubuntu. (I've configured the samba server manually, with the smb.conf document because I have to know how it really works)

    2. I'm trying to play my movies but it seems I'm still missing some codecs. I've found some on google but they don't seem to work. Does anyone know where I can get them?

    3. I've got several hard disks in my computer and I want to auto mount them. My music and movies are on these hard disks but every time I start Rhythmbox I have to mount the hard disks first. (kinda stupid )

    4. I'm trying to run some games and applications like Office 2010 (for school) with wine but there are still some problems. I've installed wine 1.5.25 and I'm trying to run Diablo III. The game starts just fine but my colors are all messed up. I've already installed the nvidia drivers from the openSUSE website for my GTX 560 but still... Is there a way I can fix this?

    Thanks alot!
    I hope you guys can help me out here


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    Default Re: A few newbie questions (samba, codecs, wine)

    Please, please, please!

    You are welcome here, but you should understand that we are mere normal human beings. It is not well possible to have several discussions about several subjects with several people al together in one big mess.

    You should make for each of your questions/problems a seperate thread in this way:

    a) go and find tthe best (sub)forum here. That is the place where people knowing something about your question problem will be.

    b) make a good title for your thread. Saying that you have a question or problem is not good. Everybody coming has that. It will thus not draw the attention of somebody that says: hey, an xxx problem, maybe I can help".

    This will increase the chance that you will get a good answer asap much better. And my assumption is that that is what you want.

    This thread woill be CLOSED to avois a mix of all sorts of answewrs creating a mess here.
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