and Yes I know it is not supported by Adobe anymore.

I use a really good music streaming service called Wimp (lame name) from Norway and it is based on Adobe Air.
Using 12.2 I did succeed to install it before doing any updates , installed it during the fist week after 12.2 was ready.
There is one update to 12.2 I can not install now, the libxml2 update (openSUSE-2012-854 - libxml2) this would break the libxml2 32 bit driver I need.

However, I would like to run 12.3 since it really seems to be nice and I did install it on another laptop the only issue I have is that I can not use Adobe Air.

Any suggestions on this matter? would Wine be the best bet? and no I will not run Visualized licensed Operating Systems for this issue.