just installed opensuse 12.3 64 bit (Desktop see signature) yesterday. Using Gnome 3, kde installed as well.

when I open up kate then start inputting random text
then change to something other than english (japanese-anthy, chinese zh-py,etc...)
my hard drive light stays on and my computer becomes almost completely unresponsive.
I can get away with a few lines of text, but then it begins its bug.
gnome-shell is unresponsive (or too many resources are being used) so I can't log out or restart.
have to init 6 on ctl-alt-F1 root login. --which takes a lot of time before it changes over to the tty1 screen.

I had both scim-gtk and scim-gtk-32bit as well as scim-gtk3 and scim-gtk3-32bit
installed, but will try without the 32-bit versions installed.

Also I change languages using scim's hotkeys input. So I have japanese-anthy set to ctl+shift+j and chinese ctl-shift-c
but the bug surfaces when I change the language via the scim panel too.

Anybody else have this problem? Is there a fix?