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Thread: GYachE Improved 1.2.11 (FIX)

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    Lightbulb GYachE Improved 1.2.11 (FIX)

    GYachE Improved-(Fix)

    I'm using opensuse 12.2

    I had a problem when buddy/friend isn't on-line(invisible...) and send me a message(or anything else: photo,start photo-sharing) GYachE Improved would crash.

    Problem was Yahoo had changed log-in protocol and GYachE never fix that.
    (problem is in file

    Solution is next:

    1) find a problem file that is located: /usr/lib64/gyachi/plugins
    2) right click->Actions->Open terminal here
    3) su
    4) Password:******* (type your password)
    5) mv ../ (I just moved file one directory up cause I don’t like deleting :">)


    1) su
    2) Password:******* (type your password)
    3) mv /usr/lib64/gyachi/plugins/ ../
    (I just moved file one directory up cause I don’t like deleting :">)

    I hope this will be helpful to you it worked for me..

    --i don't guarantee it will work on every system on the world
    --I really needed GYachE cause of photo sharing, Pidgin couldn't do that and Yahoo! Messenger isn't available on linux.

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    Default Re: GYachE Improved 1.2.11 (FIX)

    You may opt to post these FAQs under a forums created specifically for them
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