In my ongoing quest to figure out how to tell KWrite that my ray-tracing file is not a PHP file, I decided to install the KWrite documentation so that I wouldn't have to deal with my abysmal Internet service every time. It was version 4.8.5-2.4.3. At the same time, YaST suggested upgrading KWrite to 4.8.5-2.4.3 as well, so I accepted that.

Now KWrite fails to start, with the error message:
A KDE text-editor component could not be found.
Please check your KDE installation.
The KDE Crash Handler pops up, and I click Report Bug. I click Next. I click Yes (I remember what I was doing), select Every Time (does it crash again?), check What I was doing when the application "KWrite" crashed, and click Next.

It tells me that the generated crash information is not useful. I check Show backtrace content and it reads:
Application: KWrite (kdeinit4 (deleted)), signal: Segmentation fault
[Current thread is 1 (process 18803)]

Thread 1 (process 18803):
#0 0x429b2c80 in ?? ()
I click Install Debug Symbols, and nothing happens other than refreshing the dialog box. I tried the How to create useful crash reports link, but the package it says to look for in the backtrace isn't there. I cannot find anything resembling KWrite debuginfo in the repositories.

I click Next, as there is nothing else left to do. I get the message:
This crash information is not useful enough, do you want to try to improve it? You will need to install some debugging packages.
I click Yes. It goes to the Crash Reporting Assistant, which just gives me the same routine that I just went through. I click Next again, and it tells me (again) that there's not enough information, and I my only choices are Back (again!?) and Finish.

I saved what little was in the crash report. I'd like to add what some of the above info to the crash report, but that would require me to re-learn vi, because I don't have KWrite to edit the file with! I'm going to see if I can figure out how to work the KDE Bugtracking System, but in the meantime, has anyone else had this experience? Anyone have any suggestions?