Carlos E. R. wrote:

> On 2013-02-16 16:06, conram wrote:
>> Why hundreds of images?
>> If I understand your original post, it is about the 24 hour earth
>> rotation
>> of earth and images change accordingly to the time every 20 minutes.
>> If my math is right you only need 72 images to complete the 24 hours
>> unless there are images that you like to show within a period of one
>> week.

> As one of my last comments said, I have it running with a /list/ of 1
> image, regenerated each 20 minutes by a cron script. Also, in the
> desktop configuration I tell it to switch the image each 20 minutes.
> So far so good, it works: but the image can be generated at 12:00 and
> not been displayed till 12:19 because both timed processes are not in
> sync (cron and desktop). Of course, I can tell the desktop to refresh
> oftener, but that's a "waste" of resources. Small waste, but a waste.
> In fact, my current background image this minute displays time as 17:00,
> and the local time is 17:25 (I don't know when desktop will refresh). In
> Gnome 2 it would had refreshed at the exact time, triggered by the cron
> job.
> (refreshed just now, 17:28, so 8 minutes delay on this session)
> This could be solved if we had a sort of "cron" daemon started by the
> desktop and inheriting desktop variables, so that graphical related
> tasks such as
xfdesktop --reload
would work.