Hello all. New to the forum and looking for someone who has experience with PAM and vsftpd virtual users.

All appears to be setup okay and working. Can login and do what all I need to do. Problem is with user deletions.

I am using a text file and creating a db_load db that PAM is checking to see that the user is there. My problem is this. Once I remove a user from the text file (vi) and recompile the db (time stamps on file show that this happened) the user can still log in to the ftp server. I can delete the virtual users folder and then they can't login. But I would rather have it so that they never clear authentication.

I have ended/restarted ftp server. Rebooted machine. All in an attempt to see if there was some kind of cache out there that it was reading. But to no avail.

Has anyone else run across this issue in their setups?